UPP1-X Programmer


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UPP1-X Programmer

UPP1-X InCircuit programmer with microSD FlashCard for single Chip Controller

UPP1-X -- PDI, TPI, JTAG and SPI modes

With battery and AES encryption

  • programs all in-circuit programmable AVRs Tiny4..Mega256, XMega
  • programs the whole SPI programmable AT89S51..53 8253 family
  • programs the AT89LPxx family
  • Supports the TI/ChipCon CC1110, CC2510 and CC2430 family
  • Connection to the PC through an USB port
  • Full speed USB2 connection
  • All data and parameters are stored in an exchangeable microSD Flashcard
  • No powersupply necessary. The unit is powered direct from the USB port of the
    PC or the target or the internal battery.
  • Internal Li-Po battery with 3.7V/700mAh, optional 1500mAh
  • Adapts automatical to the targets voltage (1.7-5.5Volt ca. 30mA)
  • Programmer can supply the target with a variable voltage 1.8 to 5.2volts, 30..300mA
  • Easy and extensive software
  • Software runs under WinXP, Vista (32/64), Windows7(32/64)and Windows8
  • Small, light weight and handy unit 110x55x20mm
  • Hexfiles are loaded from PC into the programmer and stored
  • CPU type, fusebits etc are selected from the Host/PC.
  • Programmer can be moved from target to target w/o PC connection or interaction.
  • Checksum generation. External power supply included.

  • Available as high volume production programmer
  • SPI, JTAG, TPI, PDI programming support

  • Included Accessories
  • external switching power supply 100..250VAC with 5Volt/800mA
    battery charger for use in cars
    USB cable
    microSD flash card
    Programmer cables 6pin and 10pin

UPP1 is optimal suitable for development desktop, programming stations, repair stations and for field
services. Can be operated without a PC.

Unique and unrivalled feature:

AES encryption of data through the complete data chain

from PC downto the target controller

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