UPP1-PR Programmer

UPP1-PR Programmer
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UPP1-PR InCircuit production programmer with MMC/SD FlashCard for single Chip Controller

UPP1-PR  PDI, TPI, JTAG and SPI modes

With AES encryption and remote control by wire

    • programs all in-circuit programmable AVRs Tiny4..Mega256, XMega
    • programs the whole SPI programmable AT89S51..53 8253 family
    • programs the AT89LPxx family
    • Supports the TI/ChipCon CC1110, CC2510 and CC2430 family
    • Connection to the PC through an USB port
    • Full speed USB2 connection
    • All data and parameters are stored in an exchangeable microSD Flashcard
    • No powersupply necessary. The unit is powered direct from the USB port of the PC.
    • Adapts automatical to the targets voltage (1.7-5.5Volt ca. 30mA)
    • Programmer can supply the target with a variable voltage 1.8 to 5.2volts, 30..300mA
    • Easy and extensive software
    • Software runs under WinXP, Vista (32/64), Windows7(32/64)and Windows8
    • Small, light weight and handy unit 72x75x30mm
    • Hexfiles are loaded from PC into the programmer and stored
    • CPU type, fusebits etc are selected from the Host/PC.
    • Checksum generation. External power supply included.
    • Remote controlled high volume production programmer
    • SPI, JTAG, TPI, PDI programming support

    • Accessories (not included)
      • Option adaptor from Atmel 6pol SPI to Atmel 10pol program connection (not included)

      • Option adaptor from E-LAB JTAG to Atmel JTAG program connection (not included)
      • Option adaptor from UPP1 6pin to TI/ChipCon CC2430 evaluation board (not included)
UPP1-PR is optimal suitable for programming stations, repair stations and  production

Unique and unrivalled feature:

AES encryption of data through the complete data chain from PC downto the target controller

UPP1-P/R Flyer

UPP1-P/R Manual