AVRco Profi Version

AVRco Profi Version
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Pascal Multi-Task Developmentsystem for Atmel's AVR© RISC CPU's Tiny13..Mega256, XMega

AVRco Profi

  • has a powerful project-oriented multi-window editor with syntax and error Highlight, Online help
  • Application assistent for interactive design of the application. Generates source code.
  • Pascal-Compiler supports processes, tasks, interrupts and onChip peripherals. 8, 16, 32 and 64bit Integer
  • With completely implemented Pointers, Arrays, Records, BitSets etc.
  • Heap management, Table Interpolation
  • includes IEEE floatingpoint , trigonometric and logarithmic functions.
  • 64bit fixed point math
  • has extensive bit manipulation. Driver for I2C-Bus, LCD-Display, 7-seg LED-Display, RS232, Stepper, LAN
  • Assembler, also for machine code in the Pascal-Source
  • contains as a Bonus an own Simulator for Multitask Debugging
  • comes with an included InCircuit programmer/dongle for SPI, TPI, JTAG and PDI programming
  • JTAG and PDI ICE included
  • XP - VISTA - Windows7 32bit and 64bit compatible, expects at least W2000
  • 1 year of free updates/downloads, a fee of 25% of the actual price for each additional year